A (Dutch) interview with luthier Marc Terreur (featured in n° 3 of Folk magazine, September/October/November 2013).


Marcus Strat Nuvola Azurro PearlDutch magazine GitaarPlus (March/April 2005) reviews the Marcus SST Nuvola:

  • “In the last decade, Marc has shown he knows how to build a flawless guitar. Combined with your unique fantasies, you get a dream come true. Michele Cordaro (owner of the test guitar, note Marcus) is already convinced and so am I.”
  • “The advantage of a professional, custom built guitar is that you get the specs you want, but usually at a somewhat higher price. In this case, even the price is more than acceptable.”
  • “You can tell by his well thought out creations: he gives it all he’s got.”
  • And a short comment on the Marcus 7-string bass (see below as well):
    “Building a 7-string bass guitar as your very first instrument might well be considered crazy. But what’s really crazy is that 12 years later, this bass –unmodified – is still in perfect playing condition.”


Marcus Unicorn 4-string bass

Gitarist (November, 1999) on the Marcus Unicorn 4-string bass:

  • “(…) sound and sustain are good.”
  • “The balance of the instrument is optimal.”
  • “(…) quality basses without exception.”


Marcus 7-string bassAnd this is Gitarist‘s opinion (July, 1994) on the Marcus 7-string bass guitar:

  • “The bass guitar is excellently built (…), brilliantly finished, the sound is excellent and string-to-string volume balance is good.”
  • “An extension to the bass vocabulary.”
  • “As a builder, Marc Terreur is open to all possibilities and desires. The Marcus bass is also available in 4-, 5- or 6-string versions, both fretted or fretless, left- and right-handed. Or have your own design built… quality is what you’ll get.”