Prices & procedure


On this website you won’t find a price list for all possible repairs. The reason is simple: every problem is unique, therefore the price is unique as well. Example: some refrets are pretty straight-forward, while others need individual fret adjustment and glueing-in.

Still, every assignment is first discussed with the client. If you want to know the cost for your special need or problem, just e-mail for a rough estimate.

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll pick the best suitable moment for you to bring the instrument, and I’ll let you know when my work will probably be finished – taking into account the complexity of the repair and just how busy I am at that time. Usually, repairs are performed in order of acceptance, although terms of delivery for ordered parts can sometimes mess things up a bit.

Urgent jobs “in between” are exceptionally accepted but are handled at separate rates, because I simply won’t allow them to delay day-to-day repairs, and this means they are always performed at the expense of valuable family time!

In other words: if the nature of your (bass) guitar problem so permits, it’s usually more meaningful to wait for a less busy moment. Anyway, when you bring in your instrument I’ll inspect it; next I’ll confirm or adjust my previous estimate. The last estimate is usually pretty accurate, although in rare cases unforeseen problems may arise during work. If so, nothing further will be done before we’ve discussed all possibilities.

As soon as your instrument is finished, you’ll receive a call or e-mail. This could be as soon as the next day, but when things get really busy or if the repair is complex or time-consuming, you may have to wait a couple of weeks. If it takes longer than you expected, feel free to call (if I haven’t called you first).

When you come to collect your instrument, payment in cash is required (no plastic, sorry!). Transfers are possible but the money needs to be in my account before you can pick up your guitar. Sorry about that: most customers are perfectly reliable, but due to occasional problems in the past, there are no more exceptions to this rule. Hope you understand! (For the same reason, a deposit is required when ordering parts – unless the instrument to repair remains in my workshop.)

What’s next? Well, next you’re gone: gone for the longest time of careless playing pleasure!