What I do & not



Plus Setup

An expert setup is the key to guitar heaven. It turns pitiful instruments into potent prize winners. Any guitar, even straight from the shop, needs one. No kidding. Regardless of whether it has cost €200 or €4,000.

Having doubts? Just read those customer comments.

More than twenty-five years after the beginning, a Marcus setup is held in high esteem by Belgian guitar and bass players. It brings out the best in any instrument.

  • Cleaning and oiling the fretboard, adjusting neck bow
  • Polishing the frets
  • Adjusting height and intonation of the bridge saddle(s)
  • Depth, width and inclination of the nut grooves
  • Pickup height

All these ingredients together – perfectly balanced – not only result in optimal playability, but also in longer sustain, ballsier sound, and immaculate tuning.


Plus Repair

Over here at Marcus Guitars & Basses, numerous repairs are performed. Think failing electronics, fret redressing or replacement, broken headstocks and so on. Many other defects can also be taken care of. Call 03 777 93 09 or use the envelope below right to discuss your specific problem with me.

Crack before repair by Marcus

Crack before

Crack after repair by Marcus

Crack after


Plus Customizing

Weird wishes. I get a lot of those. Addressing tiny traveler guitars’ big bass aspirations, pimping koras… been there, done that, still doing it. Over the years, many remarkable alterations have been performed in my humble workshop. Together we’ll check the viability of your own private, crazy plan.

Cutaway by Marcus

D. Renson’s lightning guitar came without a cutaway

2 extra frets by Marcus

L. Van Acker asked for 2 extra frets and got them


Plus Parts and accessoires

From a simple screw or button to a replacement bridge, machine heads, pickups and so on. Chances are that I’ve got what you need, or that I can get it real soon. Once in a while you may have to order something yourself, but even then I’ll be glad to guide you through the process.


Minus red Finishing

Because of environmental restrictions Marcus Guitars & Basses is no longer able to do any finishing work.

I have two alternatives for you – but feel free to go elsewhere:

The Dutch company Autoschade Bosselaar is highly experienced in spraying musical instruments. The Bosselaar Brothers are guitar players themselves, so they know what they’re doing. You can find them near Middelburg (NL).

In Sint-Niklaas (BE) you may want to give Garage Meul a go.