On, guitarists and bassists from all over the world (yes, that includes you) can find help, separating internet fact from fiction. Say that again?

Let me explain. If you’ve ever let me perform a guitar setup, you know that I like to clarify to customers what I’ll be doing and why. In that process I am occasionally faced with stubborn misconceptions. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, because nowadays people get most of their information from the net. There is indeed a lot of useful knowledge there, but it’s often sitting next to utter nonsense – and the difference isn’t always clear. Statements on forums, but also guidelines on supposedly reliable websites (from manufacturers, for instance) sometimes make a builder frown.

I wanted to do something about that. So I’m calling on you all:


I say, let’s do our own thinking, and question so-called certainties. After all: the question mark is the most intelligent part of any language!


We won’t be able to remove the crap from the internet, but we can fight it with reliable information. No opinions-in-disguise, but real facts. Explained logically, based on the laws of physics.

For the time being, new articles will be added to on a monthly basis. I intend to increase that frequency in a later stage.

You are free to suggest subjects, and readers will be able to comment on my articles and start a potentially worldwide discussion.

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