22 April 2016
Guitar setup: order is important

Mess with your GUITAR SETUP order and get UPSET GUT AIR !

Understanding Guitars’ new blog post: http://www.understandingguitars.com/2016/04/22/the-real-one-and-only-sensible-setup-sequence/ I love you for reading and sharing.
18 March 2016
Upward view of a stringed headstock

A stable tuning begins with stringing

You can learn how with this detailed photo series.
23 February 2016
string gap

Marcus’ ultimate guide on how-to-buy-a-(bass)guitar now complete!

4th Understanding Guitars blog post! Buying instruments has just become less scary: http://www.understandingguitars.com/2016/02/19/how-u2-can-buy-guitars-without-worrying-part-iii/
18 January 2016
Fret Rocker

Now available: “How U2 Can Buy Guitars without Worrying – pt. II”

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